The image was created with Cache Disk operator.

Thank you for your interest in Particle Flow Tools®: Cache plug-in. The plug-in is created to extend the capabilities of the build-in Particle Flow system in Autodesk® 3ds Max®.

The Particle Flow Tools operators appear in the Particle View depot along with the standard Particle Flow operators. The name of each PFTools operator is followed by an asterisk (*) to differentiate it from standard tools.

Particle Flow Tools: Cache includes Cache Disk, Cache Selective, Express Save, and the Repair Cache System utility.

The Cache Disk and Cache Selective operators record particle states for faster feedback. Some particle properties can be excluded from caching, and extra operators can be called to restore these data. Cache Disk stores particle data in a disk file on a file-per-frame basis. Express Save speeds up saving of files, and the Repair Cache System utility can resolve misbehavior of the caching system after merging scene files.

Installation Notes

In order to see the PFTools: Cache operators and utility, you should not have Box#1 or Box#3 installed as 3ds Max plug-ins; otherwise their class IDs would collide. To prevent this, the PFTools: Cache plug-in first checks whether 3ds Max has Box#1 and/or Box#3 installed, and if so then it disables the corresponding solution.

For example, if you already have Box#1 installed, then PFTools: Cache won't publish its own Express Save and Particle Flow Utility, thus allowing you to use the versions of Express Save and the Particle Flow Utility that are already installed with Box#1. If you buy PFTools: Cache plug-in first, and then install Box#1 and/or Box#3, all existing project files are seamlessly converted to the operators from Box#1 and Box#3.

Contact Info

Particle Flow Tools are under constant development. If you find areas that need improvement within the software please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you and the easiest way to contact us is by email.


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