The image was created with Camera IMBlur operator.


Thank you for your interest in Particle Flow Tools® Freebies plugin. The plugin is created to extend the capabilities of the build-in Particle Flow system in 3ds max.


The Particle Flow Tools® operators appear in the Particle View depot along with the standard Particle Flow operators. The name of each PFTools operator is followed by an asterisk (*) to differentiate them from standard tools.



Particle Flow Tools® Freebies include Camera Culling, Camera IMBlur, Copy Out, Display Script, Stop and Stop Gradually operators.


Camera Culling operator reduces geometry load at render time by filtering out all particles not visible to the camera.


Camera IMBlur operator corrects the rendering process of a Particle Flow system in the situation when the camera is animated.


Copy Out operator is a simpler and faster version of Spawn operator where a new particle is cloned and sent to the next event.


Display Script operator is a diagnostic tool that lets you display viewport data associated with each particle.


Stop operator stops moving or spinning particles immediately.


Stop Gradually test is designed to set conditions on slowing down particles’ linear or rotational motion.


Particle Flow Tools are under constant development. If you find areas that need improvement within the software please do not hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you and the easiest way to contact us is by email.