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Particle Painting - Filling a stadium with over 44,000 chairs

Created with Discreet 3ds Max 7 with Particle Flow Tools: Box#1 by Anselm von Seherr - Thoß (aka. PsychoSilence) for an "ASIA GAMES 2006" spot. © 2006 BlackMountain VFX Stuttgart / Germany (www.blackmountain.de)

"It took me one work day only for R&D plus setup to plant over 44,000 chairs into a stadium. That displays how versatile PFlow really is!
One single PFlow system controls all 44,000 chairs consisting of 6 different types of chairs and shaders. Notice that the PFlow even builds the flag of Katar in the upper right corner of the image."

Full-size still image: stadium_PFlow.jpg (95 KB) 720x576