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The Avalanche was created using all 3 Particle Flow Toolboxes and Afterburn 3.2a.

"Intentionally no rocks or gravel were planned by the director but the first test results and speed of the collision particle setups impressed the team. PFTools:Box#2 in its very first alpha built did a fabulous job on the RBD simulations for all the rocks and gravel that was then baked out with a MaxScript. A Low Poly Version of the environment and characters were exported out of Maya and used as collision objects on a single notebook machine (Win XP Pro-32, 2x2GHz, 2GB Ram, Max9SP2)."

Production Team Germany

Studio: Pictorion Magma Animation GmbH

Special Effects & Simulation Artists: Tobias Becker, Friedolin Dreesen, Garloff Langenbeck, Cornelius Porzig, Garry Runke, Anselm von Seherr-Thoß
Technical Director: Friedolin Dreesen
Additional SFX Studio: Visual Distractions LTD.
Effects Supervisor: Julian Hermannsen
Effects Technical Director: Pierre Grage, Marcus Wagenführ
Effects Artists: Marc Langbein, Malte Lauinger
Effetcs Pipeline Technical Director: Volker Eichhorn

Preview: Avalanche_Preview.avi (6.6MB) 720x389

Animation: Avalanche.mov (33.6MB) 720x576