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The Archive

From our partner Digimation!

The world's largest collection of high quality 3D digital content, The Archive features 16,504 high-quality models across a wide range of subject matter including more than a thousand digitized vehicles, highly detailed human anatomy, architectural landmarks, military vehicles, aircraft, 3D geography. And with new, low pricing, even more people than ever before have access to the most legendary collection of 3D content in the business.

Premier 3D Content

Models from The Archive are used daily by professional animators and artists around the world and have been used in numerous films, games, commercials, and simulations. Industry professionals appreciate the selection and quality The Archive offers as well as the time saved normally spent modeling and putting that towards more productive use.

For example, more than 90% of the cars and trucks have been digitized by hand from the actual vehicle. Each of these models took weeks to complete and The Archive contains over a thousand of them.

In many cases where digitizing is not practical, as with large scale objects, blueprints and schematics were used to ensure the most accurate models possible. This comes through in architectural models like the Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, Notre Dame Cathedral, and our vast selection of military vehicles. The Archive isn't just the largest collection of 3D content available; it's the most accurate as well.

Industry Standard Format

The Archive models are delivered in industry standard OBJ format, making them compatible with virtually any product pipeline. No matter what your application, you will be able to easily integrate content from The Archive and effortlessly move models between applications.

The Archive Platinum Edition

The Platinum Edition includes 10,054 3D models and is perfect for individuals needing access to a wide variety of models. The Archive Platinum Edition is delivered on four CDs in Windows or Intel Mac format.

The Archive Titanium Edition

The Titanium Edition includes all 16,504 models and represents hundreds of thousands of man-hours in development. In addition to the Platinum Edition models, the Titanium Edition includes thousands of high-end models unavailable anywhere else including over a thousand digitized vehicles, scanned human anatomy, accurate military models, 3D geography, architectural landmarks, and more. The Archive Titanium Edition is delivered on eleven CDs and in Windows or Intel Mac format.

The Archive Titanium Edition Bundle

For a limited time you can purchase the Model Bank Library and The Archive Titanium Edition together and save an extra $100. Together you will receive a total of 17,704 3D models for an unbelievable price. The Model Bank Library includes 1,200 fully textured 3D models ready to drop into your scenes. All models from the Model Bank Library are delivered in the highest resolution and come in industry standard 3DS format. The Model Bank Library is only available in Windows format; The Archive is available in Windows or Intel Mac format. If you choose the Mac version, the Model Bank Library will still be delivered in Windows format.

The Archive is an incredible compliment for all your Particle Flow and
Particle Flow Tools experiments!

Download The Archive Catalog - 38MB
Download The Archive Samples - 4MB
The Archive Platinum Edition - $299
The Archive Titanium Edition - $599
The Archive Titanium Edition Bundle - $699