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Particle Studio

Particle Studio is a particle system plug-in for 3D Studio MAX

This plug-in introduces an event driven paradigm for MAX users. For standard particle system you define a set of parameters at the beginning of the particle system. Then, you control the particle system over time by either altering those parameters, or by using space warps or other tools. While this is effective, it can be tedious and limiting when it comes to creating various types of particle systems. Particle Studio’s event driven paradigm breaks the particle system up into time-based events. At any given time over the life of the particle system, you can define a new event, and a new set of parameters for that event. Event driven paradigm generalizes "object keyframing" concept for particle systems. When you create a keyframe in an animation, you determine that you want to have certain elements in certain positions at a given point of time. When you create a multiple keys at different points of time, MAX interprets the animation in the intervening frames. With an event driven particle system, you define the particle parameters for set blocks of time, called event blocks. Each event block is comprised of two or more elements. Particle Studio interprets how the particle will react between the different event blocks and their elements.

Here are the most important features of Particle Studio: