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Particle Flow Tools: Box #1

With Particle Flow Tools: Box#1, Orbaz offers a collection of Particle Flow operators that significantly enhance the functionality provided by Particle Flow as included with 3ds Max. Created by the same developer who produced the original Particle Flow, these operators provide entirely new tools as well as improvements on features found previously in other 3ds Max particles plug-ins. Box#1 comprises 14 impressive operators in three categories: Painting, Groups, and Utilities.

Particle Flow users who need to place particles precisely anywhere in the scene can now take advantage of the Painting tools in Box#1. These operators, including Particle Paint, Birth Paint, Placement Paint, Birth Texture and Mapping Object operators, let you paint particles onto and emit them from specific parts of your objects. Other special effects enabled by these operators include the ability to emit particles based on animated color data in emitter objects. more info...

The Utilities in Box#1 speed your workflow and extend Particle Flow's capabilities. These include Particle Flow Utility, Utility Operator, Preset Flow, Initial State, and Lock/Bond. Among their capabilities are the ability to save a custom flow as a preset and then reuse it easily at any time. You can also optimize your flow by automatically deleting operators that are not in use, and the versatile Lock/Bond operator improves on the legacy Position Object operator in a number of ways. more info...

Often you'll want to perform specific operations on several different arbitrary subsets of particles, which is where the Grouping operators come in. The original Particle Flow lets you do this with a single selection of particles, but the Group Selection, Group, and Split Group operators give you the ability to specify and work with as many different groups of particles as you like. The Group Operator couldn't be easier to use: You just tell it which event to execute on which group of particles. more info...

Last but not least, only in Box#1 will you find the Shape Plus operator, with lots of new 2D and 3D particle shapes for you to use, including alphanumeric characters and musical notes.

You'll discover a whole new world of Particle Flow possibilities in Box#1.

Note: Starting with the release 2010, Box#1 functionality is integrated in 3ds max and 3ds max Design. It is also available in 3ds max 2009 via the Creativity Extension subscription add-on.

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