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The Groups tools in Particle Flow Tools give you new ways to organize and control your particle system. The standard Particle Flow plug-in lets you identify, track, and manipulate only two subsets of particles throughout the system: selected or unselected. So, if you wanted to work with three or more different groups, you were out of luck ... until now, that is! With Groups, you can set up as many different subsets as you like, manipulate them with operators from a different event, and even operate on a group remotely from a completely different event, and determine whether to send articles to the next event based on group membership and selection status.

The tools are:

Group Selection

Define and identify a unique subset of particles for further manipulation with the Group operator and Split Group test. Group Selection gives you a number of ways to specify whether or not the group is selected, including location (inside or outside a bounding volume), particle property such as ID or age, a random percentage, and even Boolean operations between two groups!

Group Operator

This powerful operator lets you apply any event's tests and operators to any group created with Group Selection, no matter where in the particle flow they currently reside. This lets you modify a subset of particles without the need to split the particles off to another event.

Split Group

This test lets you identify a group to split off and decide to send it to the next event based on whether or not it's selected.

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