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Have you ever wanted to put a leash on your Particle Flow particles and show them exactly where to go? Now the new Painting tools in Particle Flow Tools gives you the power to precisely control your particles placement and movement. The Painting tools let you easily accomplish effects such as fire spreading throughout a room, jumping from location to location. You can restrict the flames only to flammable objects, keeping them away from the rest.

The Painting tools are:

Particle Paint

Lets you sow particle seeds directly on object surfaces, using a freehand painting tool or standard 3ds max splines. Then use the additional Paint operators to place particles in the seeds' locations, either at birth or later during the particle animation. This versatile tool gives you five different rollouts of controls, including the ability to restrict painting to specific objects or faces, position particles on or above the painted surface, orient the particles, set stroke timing, and much more. Particle Paint remembers the timing you use to paint the strokes, and lets you apply it to the particle animation.

Birth Paint

Generates new particles along strokes according to their timing. This makes it easy, for example, to create skywriting-type effects, not to mention custom fireworks that couldn't exist in the real world.

Placement Paint

Lets you position and orient particles according to the Particle Paint data, on either an instantaneous or ongoing basis. Options include the ability to synchronize the particle order with the paint timing, and gradually change particle orientation from the current orientation to that of the paint data.

Birth Texture

Lets you create new particles based on the parameters of an animated texture on the emitter objects. Controls include timing, quantity, positioning of particles on vertices/faces/edges, emitter objects, scaling, sub-material options, and mapping channels. There's even a Latency control for ultra-smooth particle emission. An example of Birth Texture usage is generating spray from the tips of ocean waves, where they're colored white.

Mapping Object

Lets you derive particle mapping from a reference object or objects on an instantaneous or ongoing basis. You can also transition from the original particle mapping to that of the reference object(s) over time or distance.

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