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The Particle Flow Tools utilities let you harness the power of Particle Flow in a variety of ways:


A powerful test that attaches particles to an object in a rigid or flexible manner, with control of the particles' position and orientation. Lock/Bond also gives you dampening options and lets a strong force break the attachment and send particles to the next event. This lets you, for instance, spray particles onto a moving (e.g., wavy) surface and make them stick, or shake drops of water off an object.

Initial State

Lets you freeze a particle system at any point in the animation and then use that snapshot as the starting point for another particle system. If you ever need to begin a particle simulation with a complex arrangement that would be difficult to create manually, Initial State lets you do it easily and quickly.

Particle Flow Utility

This 3ds max utility gives you four functions:
Clean up hidden factors that can slow down the particle simulation; reset the Particle View display so you can see the particle flow; synchronizes the particle system elements with the 3ds max layering system; and Preset Manager lets you save and manage different particle systems as presets, available for instant loading with the Preset Flow operator.

Preset Flow

Gives you instant access, within Particle View, to any particle system you've saved as a preset with Preset Manager.

Utility Operator

Provides access within Particle View to some of the Particle Flow utilities, including Clean Up and Synchronize Layers.

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