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PhysX Actions

PhysX World provides the simulation world settings, including gravity and an infinite floor, plus the connection to the PhysX simulation driver, which is present in the scene as the PhysX World Helper.

PhysX Force lets you add 3ds Max space warps to simulations and PhysX Drag can quickly apply damping forces using functions built into the PhysX simulation driver. It also provides greater stability and realism, thanks to the ability to simulate energy dissipation due to friction.

PhysX Shape connects particles to the PhysX world, letting you specify collision shape as well as physical properties such as bounce, friction, and mass.

PhysX Collision test allows particles to interact with collision-shape meshes (deflectors), and PhysX InterCollision test checks for colliding particles and redirects them to other events based on various user-modifiable criteria.

PhysX Glue binds particles together so they function as a unit, letting you simulate flexible and springy materials such as wood, cloth, rubber, sheet metal, and even brittle materials that fly into pieces when sufficient force is applied. And when you're ready to dissolve the ties that bind, PhysX Solvent lets you break up bound particles based on binding type, the PhysX Glue test used to bind the particles, and other criteria.

PhysX Switch operator temporarily overrides procedural particle motion by letting you impose manual control over the simulation effects. You can specify particle positions or speed, and rotation or spin. And PhysX Switch lets you disable gravity or even the entire simulation just for the time that the particles are in a particular event.

PhysX Flow preset sets up the basic requirements for physics simulation, including the new Birth Grid emitter plus the PhysX World operator and driver, and throws in a sample animation as a bonus.

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