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Expose Parameters

Once you've created and fine-tuned your custom operator, you'll want easy access to it and its important parameters. That's what Box#3's Expose Parameters & Save Preset features are for.

The most convenient way to use your custom operator is from the Particle View depot. To make this happen, you just choose the Operator/Test option from the Save Data Operator Preset dialog, which is available from every Data operator's command panel. Alternatively, save it as a preset, which you then add using the Data Preset operator. You can load either type into the Data operator, too. One benefit of using presets is that it keeps the depot from getting too crowded.

The Save Data Operator Preset dialog also lets you set the name of your preset or operator, with an optional suffix (such as an asterisk) to set it off from the others. And you can save presets in custom categories for easy retrieval later. Last but not least, you can specify an icon for the preset/operator, either from an included assortment or from your own image files.

When you're using your custom operator in Particle View, most of the inner workings can remain hidden, but you'll usually want to expose at least some of them; that's where the Expose Parameters dialog comes in. It's a convenient tool that lets you easily build a rollout for your exposed parameters, complete with group boxes, vertical and horizontal offsets, and text labels. You simply select the parameter to expose from a list, give it a label and optional offsets, and click Add. As soon as you do, the rollout appears in Particle View, so you get instant feedback. Other controls in Expose Parameters let you move parameters and other elements up and down, remove elements, and there's special functionality for the Switch suboperator, such as being able to expose a two-option switch as a check box.

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