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Particle Flow Tools: Box #3 SDK

The Box#3 SDK (Software Development Kit) is for those who want to go beyond the current capabilities of Box#3 Pro. If you have the technical expertise and means to write a 3ds Max plug-in with MS Visual Studio C++, and want to extend the set of sub-operators for your specific needs, you can now do so with Box#3 SDK. Not only can you modify the existing sub-operators, but you can also write your own.


The SDK is sold as a one-year subscription. The subscription includes all features listed above and one unit of SDK Support - an hour of phone/Skype consulting or two hours of e-mail/forum consulting (or any mix of phone and Internet) with a 72-hour response time. If necessary, you can buy additional units of SDK Support.

Buy SDK Online - $750
Buy Additional Support - $200