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As you know, particle systems can be used to create the most mind-blowing, spellbinding special effects in computer-generated imagery. But creating the ultimate particle system for your particular needs, even with the most user-friendly, forgiving software like Particle Flow, can be an exercise in frustration.

Orbaz Technologies offers focused, precise consulting services for customers to support custom development and fine-tuning of 3D particle systems for a variety of needs. Our unique experience and knowledge gives us the ability to speedily diagnose and resolve complex problems related to Particle Flow and other particle systems in 3ds Max.

Orbaz Technologies is committed to providing our clients with extensive, high-quality professional development of custom particle systems. Our main focus is to provide clients with the knowledge to use their software in the most efficient and productive manner. By offering standard and custom training programs through a variety of delivery methods, Orbaz gives you the highest level of skill you need to be successful.

With over a decade of experience implementing many different particle systems for 3ds Max, we have gained unique experience and expertise that we share through our technical-assistance and consulting services.

We offer support and backup service for your needs in using our software as well as in terms of practical assistance. Here are just a few of the ways we can help you: